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What Italian/European Designer furniture brands do we stock? 

We stock and import a range of highly sought after and reputable Italian/European furniture brands, here are some of these brands below that include Bedframes, Sofa's, Dining Tables & Much More...


Specialising in modern and sleek design with bold colours, creating entirely unique Italian Sofas. Egoitaliano is a leading sofa manufacture. Egoitaliano provide high levels of craftsmanship to each of their products, from an elegant contemporary design to traditional style sofa’s Egoitaliano do not compromise in constructing a reliable sofa. With high density foam inside all Sofa’s & Chair’s that are hand upholstered in 100% genuine Italian leather & microfibre fabrics.

Egoitaliano_lifestyle_MARTINE_ Sofa Purchase Exclusive Instore.

Alf Italia

Alf Italia is a Italian designer furniture company that creates pieces with high functionality, expressive design & suitable for any style of room. Alf Italia provides creatively shaped pieces of furniture that will remain timeless & last long with the expert craftmanship. 


This is just a small example of our range of Italian furniture brands, we stock many more in store and online. Our full range of Italian furniture includes classic, traditional, chic, modern and contemporary Italian designed furniture. 

Bellagio bedroom range Purchase Online & Exclusive Instore.


Skovby dining room furniture is what we call master crafted including all the scandi style & wood types available Skovby products our produced from the best quality raw materials. All our Dining room furniture is available online, we recommend purchasing Skovby instore as we offer Exclusive wood type finishes & models.

Skovby Dining Tables & Chairs Purchase Online & Exclusive Instore.


Specialists in creating comfortable and luxurious reclining leather chairs, with sleek design and modern appeal. Conform is not only a statement piece to any room though provides sublime levels of comfort & practicality. Conform is a bespoke product available online though we do recommend purchasing instore as we offer exclusive Leathers, Fabrics & Chairs available.

Beyoung_Low_ Reclining & Swivel Chair by Conform Purchase Online & Exclusively In Store.
What makes Italian furniture so unique? 

Italian furniture is known across the world for its incredible design and unique appeal. A piece of Italian furniture is like an investment, they will become a much-adored addition to your home, and they will last a lifetime. 


Whether it’s traditional design or modern, sleek appeal, both types of Italian furniture are impressive in their craftsmanship and functionality. At Bedworld and Italy Design, we stock a wide range of Italian furnishings, ensuring that you will find something unique that is suited to your tastes and home decor. 

Timeless style

Italian furnishings never go out of style, they are always sought after for their expressionist design, luxurious appeal, and visually stunning displays. A piece of Italian furniture will be sure to last a lifetime, remaining throughout multiple redecorations and becoming a treasured staple in the home. 

Fine craftsmanship 

Italian designers are known for their skills of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is a culture of exquisite design and each piece is created with passion and artistry. The materials used are also of the highest quality, creating pieces with luxurious and opulent appeal. 

Styles of Italian furniture 

Italian furniture can be categorised into two main styles - Modern and traditional, both imbue the same quality and craftsmanship, but each has its own unique appeal and visual impression. 


Modern Italian furniture

Modern styled Italian furniture tends to be minimalistic, with sleek design using creative and curvy lines. It also incorporates technological design, with quality materials in bold and unusual colours. This style makes for great elegant and classy type furnishings. 

Traditional Italian design 

Traditional Italian design has stood the test of time and the works produced have inspired generations with their fine craftsmanship and top-quality detail. Italian designers continue to create pieces with classic designs because they are still appreciated by modern customers.

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